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Haroldo Jacobovicz, the Brazilian business guru and civil engineer, has specialized in transformative information technology. Statistics show that he formed the great Horizon Telecom around 2010 after successfully operating with the famous Information solutions. Nowadays, that company is the leading in Brazil because of possessing advanced equipment, remarkable consumer reputation, and multi-point solid redundancy. Last year, the company’s management team announced that they would probably boost cloud abilities and connectivity to many business premises.

Haroldo Jacobovicz’s career was full of challenges, making him transverse to the windy path rather than the standard road. He also managed to launch business enterprises such as Horizons Data Center and e-Governance Group. These particular business giants play a crucial role in providing unique solutions to information technology issues and strategic resources. When he was employed in a tremendous Analytical Data Center, he tried to solve challenges and merits that have made him the top-ranking business guru.

Later on, Haroldo Jacobovicz developed an intuition that pushed him to invest heavily in the Hard Rock Café in Brazil back in 2013. Unfortunately, most official investors pulled out, which made him acquire a larger share in that business. Therefore, he employed new members to help him run the business before auctioned it in 2018. Since his entire ventures focus on offering remarkable technology solutions, he has recently developed outstanding solutions to assist in a wide range of issues. Besides that, he usually feels satisfaction when he observes how his entire company solutions enhanced peoples’ lives at large.

Haroldo Jacobovicz was raised in Brazil by his parents, who were both civil engineers. His beloved parents inspired him through the designation of physical structures at his early stage. Remember that his mother, Sarita was the only female civil engineer in Brazil. Furthermore, his mother works in different kinds of technology solutions companies while raising him and his brothers. That made him pursue his degree program in civil engineering, particularly at the great Federal University in Parana.

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