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James Gutierrez is dedicated to highlighting the disparities in the wealth gap in the United States. He states that the top 10% richest Americans earn double the amount of the bottom 90%. The bottom 50% earn 5.6% less than American wealth combined. Most people are tired of this wealth disparity. Instead of waiting for the government to intervene, business leaders such as James Gutierrez can help bridge this gap.

He states that companies can improve lower-income households and move them to a more stable situation while lobbying the governmental regulations to help support the changes. James points out that most people with access to financial services like credit, banking relationships, and loans are in the top 50 to 90%. He states that it’s expensive being poor. Gutierrez points out that in the auto insurance industry, there’s standard and non-standard auto insurance.

In his fintech companies (Aura and Oportun) most of the people they serve don’t have a driver’s license or good credit score. James Gutierrez admits that people looking to get a loan without a good credit history are charged a high-interest rate, which sometimes results in high rates of defaults, especially those who aren’t financially secure.

James Gutierrez companies have leveraged technology to offer their clients a credit score, which is an important first step towards attaining financial health. Both companies have even earned the CDFI certification and are committed to serving the communities underrepresented over the years. Inclusivity champions like James Gutierrez admit that additional working capital is required for companies to break from such an inequality gap.

He insists that funding is required for companies such as Oportun, Aura, among other CDFI, to serve the marginalized communities in different ways. Gutierrez acknowledges that while the wealth gap is an issue that affects every American, those hurting the most are the minority rather than average white families.

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