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Not very many successful people have originated from successful and affluent neighborhoods. Most of the individuals that are currently classified as successful and super-rich have originated from fairly poor backgrounds and especially in the working-class communities. These are the places where they have learned the art of working hard and hoping to find success in what they have been doing in the various business activities they have been undertaking.

A good example of a person who has learned to work hard is the founder of the Insurance Office of America, John Ritenour. Being the founder of such an organization means that hard work must be incorporated where necessary for an individual to be in a position where they are achieving the success that the organization has been able to record with time. There is no way an individual can be a founder of a company that is known throughout the country without valuing hard work.

Most individuals always have a perception that there are multiple ways of becoming successful and influential in the world of business. However, this is not always the case. People like John Ritenour believe that working hard is the only way they can be able to achieve consistent success in their business operations. That is why he has been doing everything necessary to help his company to grow.

Those who have been working with John Ritenour know that he reports to the office very early in the morning. This is because he wants to be involved in the hard work that every other employee in the organization is handling in the company. He wants to be involved in hard work because he already knows that this is something that will make him a successful individual who has a detailed understanding of what has been happening in the business environment.

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