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Tom Chang MD is a top ophthalmologist in Pasadena, California. He has been in the industry for a while, with 21 years of experience treating and diagnosing eye diseases. Some of the illnesses he specializes in treating include detached retina, vision loss, glaucoma and cataracts. Tom Chang MD has gained vast knowledge in refractive surgery, laser retina surgery, and lens replacement operations. A good foundation from the University of Toronto, where he got his medical degree and residency at Emory University, has helped him successfully perform these operations.


Tom Chang MD is not operating in Pasadena at Adventist Health Bakersfield and the other four hospitals within the city. His main aim is to ensure that his clients are satisfied. Therefore, Tom Chang MD ensures that he provides proper diagnosis and treatments to customers. Besides, he accepts payment from selected insurance companies, and clients don’t have to incur enormous amounts for their eye treatment when their insurance companies can pay.

Customer service also means that Tom Chang MD maintains his reputation. He aims to get only positive reviews, which is evident in the inspections provided so far by the clients. They have rated Tom Chang MD five-start for a thorough examination, follow-ups, and spending time with patients. With a good reputation as an ophthalmologist, he is confident that he will get more clients as reviews and recommendations will ring more customers. Reliable treatments and dedication to clients have seen Tom Chang MD receive various awards, including CMS Stage 1 HER in 2012, CMS Stage 1 HER in 2013, and AAO Fellow.

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