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How Alejandro Betancourt Lopez Has Contributed to the Success of Hawkers

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is the president of Hawkers, a sunglass manufacturing company. His presence in the company has seen tremendous improvements both in profits and sales margin. Initially, the company was not created for the fashion industry. The company owner was looking for a side hustle to boost his tech company, the Spanish version of

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Why John Ritenour Believes in the Strategy of Working Hard in Business

Not very many successful people have originated from successful and affluent neighborhoods. Most of the individuals that are currently classified as successful and super-rich have originated from fairly poor backgrounds and especially in the working-class communities. These are the places where they have learned the art of working hard and hoping to find success in

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All About Peter Briger and His Business Ventures

Peter Briger is one of the most influential contributors in the financial industry. His education, experience, and knowledge allowed him to become a billionaire. Having studied at the universities of Pennsylvania and Princeton, he used his craft and his passion for being one of the essential contributors of the Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund of Princeton, which

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